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bookeditors.com review

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bookeditors.com review and discount code


Do you know how difficult it is to find good editor for your book? I am not a professional writer yet, but I am doing my best to write a real bestseller. Last year I wrote my first novel and I wanted it to be published in parts in one of our local magazines. Consequently, I needed to hire a professional editor who would be able to edit my novel properly, in order for it to be perfect. I checked a lot of sites but they were offering only per page editing. I needed special book package, that is why when I found this site I was really happy that I had an opportunity to order special book package there.

Price Policy

I chose “comprehensive editing” option, which cost me $198. Unfortunately this site offers no discounts, that is why I had to pay the full sum without any possible discount.

Quality of Paper

The book was delivered to me in a few weeks. I started to look through it and at first I was satisfied, but when I proceeded with further reading, I understood that the editor missed about 40% of pages. He simply omitted them. That was something unbelievable! I don’t know what haeppenned, maybe it was the technical issue, but I was a bit confused.

Quality of Support

I contacted support team representative and explained my issue. However, the admin only replied me back that the missed pages were considered by editor as perfect ones, which do not need any editing at all. I checked them, but I would like to say that they could also be changed. Those pages contained misprints, which also proved the fact that the editor was checking the paper superficially. That was an unpleasant situation, but the admin sent the book for revision and it was revised.


Although this service revised my paper, the quality could be better from the very beginning. I turned to this Site which helped me to perform amazing editing for my novel! I am grateful to these guys, who helped me to save my novel from the fail! Moreover, this company offers amazing discounts to the new customers.

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