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ivyleagueeditors.com review

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ivyleagueeditors.com review and discounts

Description: There is no such thing as a free lunch. You need to remember that when being tempted by outrageously low prices.


This company only specializes in editing services. They do both academic and business editing. They have the simplest order form one can possibly imagine.


Customer service works 24/7 which makes it convenient to contact them. You can either call them via the phone or send an email.


The cost of services is surprisingly low. I don’t know why. For my 8-page paper edited in 48 hours they charged me $32.79, so it’s $4.10 per page – very cheap. Wow… I haven’t seen anyone who would actually agree to edit papers at that price. There are no other options or any additional charges. So the price only depends on the deadline and the number of words in your paper.


These guys must be really fast in editing because there are only 2 turnarounds available – 24 hours and 48 hours. I’m just wondering, what if I order a 50-page paper with 24-hour turnaround? Will they be able to make it?


At first, I was really amazed by the low prices. It just looked like the very best offer of editing services on the internet. But I also checked what other websites charge for editing service. And I found out that average prices for editing are at least 4-5 times higher than on this website, especially when it comes to urgent editing. So actually it made me doubt that this company can provide proper editing service at $4 per page. And what kind of qualifications would an editor have if he or she agreed to do the job at such a low price?

No, I wanted to avoid problems and wasting money. So I decided to order at a website that seemed good enough to me – Clever Editor. Yes, I paid more, but my 8-page paper began to look much better than before.


I can only judge from my perspective, but I decided not to entrust my paper to a company that claimed they would edit it almost for free. There is no such thing as a free lunch. You need to remember that when being tempted by outrageously low prices.

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