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playle-editorial-services.com review

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playle-editorial-services.com review and discounts


A couple of times in my life I needed professional editing service, but I was afraid to use custom editing service, as I didn’t want to be fooled. I heard a lot of different stories about fraud sites which were stealing money from their clients, that I decided not take such a risk. This time, I wrote a very important for my career scientific journal article. I desperately needed professional editing, so I decided to find reliable editing service. This task appeared to be truly difficult, as it is the same as to look for a needle in a haystack. I checked some reviews in the internet and decided to look through this very site. It caught my attention by its modern design and informative content, which has a lot of prompts and examples how to write a good paper and how to edit it properly.

Price Policy

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find prices on the site that is why I had to contact the admin, in order for him to help me to solve this problem. So, he counted the price (I guess that he just took it out of the blue) and editing of 10 pages cost me $320. I was rather shocked, because the price was high and unpleasant. This company has no discount system that is why all my efforts to reduce the price were fruitless. I didn’t want to look for another editing service that is why I decided to make an order here, as I had a hope that this service will complete my paper properly.

Quality of Services

The quality of editing was average. Nothing special.

Quality of Support

I contacted admin a couple of times via email and it is very inconvenient that there is no live chat or phone number, because each time it took him about a couple of hours to answer my request.

I think that it is possible to find better prices.

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