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scitechedit.com review

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scitechedit.com review and discounts


It is very important to come up with a catchy name for the website let alone a motto and its interface. SciTechEdit.com, in its turn, sounds cool enough to remember. The design is quite ordinary. The field of activity is editing accordingly.


If to go to the description of services, there is a chart where anyone who feels like it, is able to look through all the options available for a customer to ask for. It sounds complicated but it is good to have a team of specialists, who know something in the areas mentioned. There is a 20% discount for editing service. There is additional information upon how professionals may help you. There are international articles available for viewing.


When I needed a specialist in the field of editing to polish my paper, I was hoping for more than I was given as a result. It is always better to think less but receive more but apparently, this service is of the opposite point of view. They claim to provide with more than they are able to. There are helpful resources though where you may find writing tips and words to avoid while writing. That is helpful and I am thankful for that. Even though my experience of working with this service turned out to be rather negative. Despite the discount system, who does not have a discount nowadays, really, you will not surprise with a discount anyone here; anyway, the cost remains too high.

Quality of paper

I tried my luck and applied for help on this website because I did not lose anything anyway. I find any kind pf experience to be good. It is bad to have no experience at all. Especially when it comes to a matter of education. Thus, I tried and unfortunately failed this “exam” but I am not complaining. Like I said, any experience is a good thing and to cry now would be stupid. At least I know now.

Policy of price

One is able to view the pricing if to visit pricing section on the panel of navigation. There are prices, pricing plans, pricing incentives and free estimate. I should warn everyone first thing that if money is an issue for you, this is not the service to ask for help from. This service is rather expensive for an average person and especially for a student. The availability of pricing plans do not save the situation.

Order details

To be able to place an order, one should register and login first. Then go to Submit Manuscript and fill in the application form. Like any other website of such a kind, it has an application form to fill in with standard questions.


There is a huge number of fields of expertise on the site but the quality of papers provided is not as good as it is expected to be. There are testimonials according to which everything is all right and the service is okay but there is a lot to strive for. Meanwhile, I would very much like to recommend the following service: Editing Services org. It is excellent whatever light to view on.

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