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theeyesforediting.com review

Editor's Rating:

theeyesforediting.com review and discounts


Generous and profound design is half way done. The design of this company providing with editing services is very nice. It is ultra-rapid at loading and seems to be professional from the first sight but do not believe everything you see.


Being fast-paced and nicely looking are the advantages of the website. There is a standard navigation panel, which makes it to where the website is easy at navigation. The more simplicity lies within, the better. It offers “a professional, unbiased look at your manuscript” providing with not only editing but proofreading- and book formatting services let alone cover (interior) design. There is a slide show of the images available for viewing. The website has a visitable name and nice relevant graphic images.


Despite the testimonials, which are quite positive, I should disagree because I remained unsatisfied with the quality of edited papers I received after the editors of the website working upon it. In addition, they expired the delivery. Thus, in terms of timeframe specified clearly in the instructions to the order, were broken. I was thinking I would collaborate with steady skills professionals but was cheated on as a result.

Quality of paper

I needed to edit a few fiction pieces of literature and I asked another editor to be assigned every time. It did not save my days at all. I am optimistic. I keep hoping and as they say, hope dies the last. My hope have died long ago and the flowers on its grave faded away like the first snow (and the only) in Sahara Desert. If to speak about quality only, I truly enjoyed Clever Editor Company due to its high quality of papers, prompt delivery and interactive witty team of writers, editors and proofreaders.

Policy of price

There is no table of prices available for viewing, which, though, would be a good idea to add because visitors would want to know the cost for the services they are about to receive. The first thing I think of entering a website like this is how much it would cost me to ask for this or that service. As soon as it appears to be no pricing, it is most likely for me to leave the website because I do not understand such a policy. Why on Earth to hide? Policy of price should be transparent and clear. Witless of the storm a company`s policy excites. At least there are clearly written payment terms.

Order details

To place an order is quite difficult because one is unable to find the application form, to begin with. There is one person working upon editing of everything. A visitor is able to see her photo and briefly written information about her and her likings. She is quite young, which makes it to where you begin thinking upon how actually experienced she is and wishing by default to work upon with something who is more skilled. The quality of paper speaks out vividly and bright upon the level of experience of this editor and it unfortunately leaves something to be desired.


Overall, if you have a poor user experience, you will find a way to navigate the site. You will find its prates to be rather expensive though whilst the quality could have been better. I would also add some more of graphics, videos maybe. I find its interface a bit too meagre.

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