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www.elkscientificediting.com review

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www.elkscientificediting.com review and discounts


This service provides with scientific editing. If you need your manuscript to be edited, translated, formatted or figure preparation – this company provides with all these services. Its design makes it to where the site is easy at navigation. It looks simple due to the white background and minimum of graphic images, which makes it to where the website is fast at loading.


Being fast-paced and simple at design are undoubtful advantages. Moreover, the fact of there to be not much of pictures is good because normally they distract from the main points, from the textual information. There is a blog with blog posts on editing of scientific, medical content let alone proofreading of the texts. The information is posted recently so it is new and all the buttons are clickable. The content provided is error-free and laid out in simple language. Submit query in case of any through contact us tab on the navigation panel of the homepage.


Absence of the list of prices is an undoubtful disadvantage in my humble opinion. Moreover, once I got to know the pricing for my type of service, length of paper and its scope – to say I was shocked is to say nothing. The pricing is too high and I would change the policy of price taking into consideration the fact of whom the target audience is. I mean those are students, I am a student and far from every student including me would be able to use the service more than once.

Quality of paper

Despite a quite wide range of services, which means the service to have professionals in its team who are able to edit, translate, format (there are many styles of formatting the service claims to provide with) and provide with figure preparation, the quality of papers is far from perfect. I expected more to be honest, as long as the design is on a quite high level and what is promised is promising (sorry for the tautology).

Policy of price

There is neither pricelist nor price calculator given on the site to be able to know the price for the service but it will depend upon the length and the scope of one`s. It is a bit uncomfortable because I prefer websites with transparent and clear policy of price and I am sure most people will agree with me upon this matter.

Order Details

Send a paper and you will be assigned the editor who is specialized in the field required. It would be better, if there was an application form placed on a separate tab so a customer could go there, fill it in and press submit. Instead, what we have here is a bit of confusion as for where to go and how to actually place an order.


I hold to an opinion that it is better to promise less but to surprise with more afterwards than on the contrary. In this case, we have a vivid example of the opposite. A good-looking site with high hopes message to be get across. To look good is not enough. The contents should be answerable to what is provided. Empty words was never a winning strategy. For whom it may concern, Editing Writing Services org to give an idea of a brilliant customer service providing with help online.

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