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www.regentediting.in review

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www.regentediting.in review and discounts


In case you need academic editing, scientific editing and/or book publishing – regentediting.in offers its assistance kindly inviting to explore its services. Anyone who feels like it may enter the site and look it through. The service suggests a thesis editing, proofreading, scientific publication, research paper editing and formatting, and thesis binding and printing, peer review editing, journal paper editing, medical research paper editing, a book editing and proofreading, book typesetting, E book conversion, publishing as E book, if you are first time author who needs a book to be published.


It is very kind of the service to suggest a book-publishing feature, which is very important for first time authors. The book will be edited before being published. The site does not irritate with too much going on, with some extra images or advertisement popping at the most inappropriate moment. It is very distracting and annoying because of popping in when one least expects. There are testimonials and samples available for viewing. The samples are of standard editing, substantive and proofreading.


In spite of impressive enough range of services the company offers, the quality of the work remains rather poor. I have always been rather suspicious when it came to leaving work for someone else to accomplish because you never know how responsible the person is, where s/he takes information from, what is the luggage of knowledge possessed and whether the delivery will be on time. This particular case lived up to my billing.

Quality of paper

Quality of papers is unfortunately one of the soft spots of the website. I knew it would be coming and I was right. It is funny how quick on the uptake I appeared to be. However, I must admit that far from every website offering its helping hand online is bad. CLever Editor is a perfect (yes, perfection does exist in this world) option to choose. It provides with truly outstanding work of truly professional writers, editors and proofreaders.

Policy of price

You will find no pricelist on the website. It is rather confusing. Clicking submit order though, you will be taken to a payment gateway so to speak where payment for the service will be complete. This is how it works on this particular service and I cannot say I am very happy about it because it is rather uncomfortable, I should say.

Order details

The navigation bar unlike in many other websites of the kind is placed underneath of everything else on the homepage, on its bottom. This is where a visitor will find place order section. Then you will get to see an application form to fill in. It will not take you long unless you have bad Internet connection. After filling in all the necessary fields, submit an order and wait for… Long. I thought ages passed through until I got a reply.


What I really liked about the site was a chosen color palette. The thing is that I am crazy about beige and terracotta colors and the website is featured in these particular colors on the white background. It is its one and only benefit, I am afraid. I wish it worked as good as it looks. The quality and some features leave a great deal to be desired.

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