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manuscriptediting.com review

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manuscriptediting.com review and discounts


Would you like your fiction or nonfiction piece of writing to be edited properly? Many would want that too. While searching for a trust site to assist with this issue, manuscriptediting.com pops up. It is specialized on editing obviously. Look it up and find out more…


The design of the site looks quite interesting. It resembles a newspaper with informational columns, which is unconventional and eye-catchy. Normally, this is the thing. The design should stand out so the site was different from others providing with the same category of goods or services. The wide range of manuscripts going under editing is an undoubtful benefit of the site just as well.


At the same time, unusual design of the website makes it to where it is difficult to navigate the site. Usually, there is standard navigation panel switching between sections of which, a visitor is able to choose what is needed. In this case, I had troubles with picking up a service and it took me quite some time to place an order and to view the pricing. In addition, it is asked to resend the submission form in case of no answer within 3 hours! Wow! Does it really happen on here? If so, I doubt the site may be called trustworthy and be the one to rely on.

Quality of paper

The quality of paper could have been better. Looking through the interface of the website, the examples of accomplished papers, the wide range of services; it got me thinking that my paper should be looking like a diamond in the sky. I honestly was of a better thinking about the quality of such a brilliant looking website. True they say that first impressions are half the battle.

Policy of price

It is hard to find, which is the first thing about it drawing me away from using the service. Secondly, once you do get the price, your eyes will go really big like mine were. It is a pity people have no shame asking such a price for such a quality.

Order details

Submission guidelines is the section to choose if you, by any chance, decide on applying for help to this particular service. There is an application form to fill in, which is huge and, therefore, time-consuming. I would rather choose editing-services.org/. The quality of work and the pricing for it are amazing.


I do not want to be a spoiler but the service made me to. It is too expensive and the quality could be better. All the buttons are clickable though and no glitches and misprints or mistakes were found in the content though. Therefore, I consider it to be my duty, as a person who applied for help besides did it a few times by now remaining nor fully satisfied, to update upon how the things are and to say that this particular service should work on the improvements.

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