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paper-perfect-editing.com review

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paper-perfect-editing.com review and discounts


We all strive for perfection or at least close to a perfection. Wherever we go, whatever we do even though everyone knows that there is no perfection in this world. When it comes to accomplishment of academic papers, whether it is writing, translation, editing or proofreading type of work, all must be done on the high level. However, if it says for editing to be perfect, it does not always mean it to be so…


I like the way it sounds. I like the logo of the website. The way the website is put in colors. It leaves a nice impression, looks good visually. We want have a beautiful gutter, a blast to work with. I am no exception. At first, my first impressions about the website were quite good. It looks simple and nice. There are no mistakes in the content found, which is good for a website of the kind and for any website really. I was hoping for its working team to be same exceptional but I was mistaken.


The website claims that one may get one`s files back in less than 48 hours but it is sugarcoat of the first water. Apparently, the proofreading on the website is not that eagle-eyed due my papers to contain many types, mistakes and errors. I have never believed sugary testimonials I happened to see on the websites alike before and this website just proved me right. I would rather go for Clever Editor next time.

Quality of paper

I expected more than was provided with. I needed someone to review, revise, refine and polish my papers but what I got was far from all that. It looked like a draft and honestly, I wish I edited it myself because the results I got from working with the service left something to be desired.

Policy of price

To see the pricing, go to the pricing section on the navigation panel. There is a tab called order/submit. Going there, I was disappointed because there was a service notification saying that the service is busy and all the writers let alone editors to be busy with projects at the moment. This is wrong. This is outrageous. What if a visitor was ready to become a customer? What if the order s/he was going to place was urgent?

Order details

Order details are placed in get started section, which is a button to the right. You will get to see a new tab opening, which is rather uncomfortable but okay, that is the way the website is made. There is a link following which goes to another website with a cool design and there is a pricing list. I would prefer to see none because those prices are fairly in a bad sense of the word.


I thought I could trust this website but apparently, it is too pricy while the quality is too low. Luckily, there are websites to choose from and why not to give a shot to the one I mentioned above? In accordance with my experience, and I have come across dozens of such online services, the one I mentioned remained the one established itself as a leading choice in the area of online help service for students.

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