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proofedit.co.uk review

Editor's Rating:

proofedit.co.uk review and discounts


This is a website providing with editing services. Looking maximum minimalistic, it gives a feeling of a trust site so the site, which one could easily rely on in the times of need. First appearances can be deceptive though and this website is not an exception.


As has already been told, the website has minimalistic kind of look, which is good because nothing extra distracts from what really matters. There is no additional software needed to make the content of the website available for viewing by visitors. Just like no graphic images. Everything is up to the point and it does look like the republic of letters online.


The poor quality of paper is a huge disadvantage. An excellent customer service should think of its pricing politics and take into account all the pros and cons. to make it look nice is not enough. It has to be affordable let alone easy at navigation and friendly. I cannot say this particular service to be customer-friendly. I decided to give it a try but in reply, the only response I got back was impoliteness of the operator being on the shift on that day.

Quality of paper

As I said, the quality of editing leaves something to be desired. If to judge on quality only, I would definitely switch this service to dozens of others because it is impossible. I would rather accomplish the task on my own instead and spend no money on the work. Editingwritingservices.org is a brilliant example of an excellent customer service.

Policy of price

There is no table of prices. To be able to see the prices, one should follow the rates section. There is a textual piece of writing where the prices for services are. The prices are quite high, which makes it to where far from everybody is able to request assistance. Of course, those for whom money is not an issue, they may feel free to contact the website and ask for help.

Order details

To submit a document for editorial work, go to submit section. You may send a sample. There is such an option to send a sample for editing. Send it through the given Email address and request a free of charge sample. Contact the service in order to receive a quote. The delivery works from 1 to 10 days. In case you need writing instead of editing or proofreading, you may also feel free to contact the service.


Writing, editing, proofreading and support team of the website leaves something to be desired. People should interact, communicate, exchange thoughts, share ideas, help with advice and deeds but apart from good-looking design, this website cannot be recommended in further usage because nothing more is able to draw attention to it.

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